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Welcome to The Expanding Path, a coaching and training company based in Washington, DC.Our mission is to help leaders and teams to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.Our commitment to clients:Discovering Context: The Expanding Path is dedicated to helping clients uncover patterns, structures, and perspectives that shape their unique context, enabling a deeper understanding of their environment.Building Connections: We are committed to fostering relationships, finding common ground, and creating networks while maintaining balance and resilience in the face of resistance.Taking Action: Our approach embraces the interplay between simplicity and complexity, guiding clients through the unknown while building momentum and achieving a state of flow.Shaping Change: With a foundation of respect, we empower clients to lead themselves and others, effectively driving transformation and growth within their organizations.Embark on a journey with The Expanding Path and experience the transformative power of seeing differently, unlocking your potential, nurturing growth, and attaining unprecedented success.
The Expanding Path was founded by Scott Jancy who has over 22 years of experience enabling people to create change, and developing high-performance teams. His unique perspective, gained from diverse professional roles, allows him to foster positive transformations in the workplace.

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In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead demands the ability to see differently and create new paths to success. Businesses, like living organisms, continuously evolve and adapt to market changes.The Expanding Path helps leaders and teams understand these changes and create growth by developing mental frameworks that transform business challenges into opportunities.Our program guides clients through four key stages to unlock their full potential and foster lasting, positive change. The curriculum focuses on understanding unique environments, building connections, navigating challenges, and driving transformation within organizations.Our adaptable program is offered in two versatile formats:Coaching: We help clients navigate changes in their business environment and unlock growth throughout their organization.Training: We provide tailored guidance to individuals and teams focused on skill development, empowering them to overcome daily challenges, see differently, and uncover growth opportunities.Embark on a journey with The Expanding Path to unleash your full potential and cultivate growth through our groundbreaking coaching and training services.

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